Airports, Metros, Public Transportation & Infrastructure

Hinditron provides, through it’s joint venture with SKIDATA, the world leader in parking solutions, state-of-the-art-parking solutions, parking guidance systems and parking reservations systems that allow customers to have a convenient car parking experience.

Parking Solutions for open parking lots, multilevel car park lots, park & ride solutions for Metros and other Public Transportation allows customers to have convenience for their daily commutes. With reservations made possible using mobile applications; payments made possible using smart phones, credit card or cash, SKIDATA’s solutions allow our customers to ensure that they maximize revenues and minimize pilferage with maximum convenience to the commuters.

Furthermore, with Commend Systems communication solutions for these verticals allows for a number of conveniences including,

  • Information and Emergency Call Stations
  • Silent alarm for check-in points, passport and security control gates
  • Intercom stations for check-in machines, departure gates and air bridges
  • Operations communication for logistics (baggage handling, catering, etc.)
  • Mobilization support for fire and emergency services
  • Communications between kiosks, Control Room and the parking customers.
  • Audio/Video Intercom stations for vehicle entry and exit gates, pay-on-foot machines and attended pay points
  • Monitoring and control of external systems, e.g. carbon monoxide alarm, ventilation and lighting
  • Public Address, background music, promotional and information announcements
  • Vandal and weather resistant Information and Emergency Call Stations
  • On-train Intercom stations for buses, trains and trams
  • Public Address and passenger information announcements
  • Multi-site networking of stations, depots and stops
  • Integration with TETRA and selective-call radio networks