Smart Cities & Town Centres

Hinditron provides, through it’s joint venture with SKIDATA, offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for overarching parking space city solutions. Web-based applications for access controls and customer management (such as for retail, residents and employees) as well as Park & Ride concepts for commuters turn the city into an inviting space with a number of flexible solutions including:

  • Simple interconnection of resident parking spaces, Park & Ride and inner-city parking facilities with City Card services
  • Only one or few tickets for a variety of services (e.g. long-range keytag for parking and a City Card for the use of public transport and public facilities)
  • Customer management via any chosen e-commerce platform: such as B2B for business customers and B2C for end consumer self-service
  • Linking of intelligent parking guidance systems
  • Parking garage information right on the customer’s GPS device (e.g. availability of parking spaces and of electric battery charging columns
  • Transparent analysis and valuable information about your customers

Furthermore, with Commend Systems, Transport & Infrastructure solutions on motorways, bridges, in tunnels and trains, at airports, railway stations, bus stops... just about everywhere, Help Points for assistance or emergency can be made available with:

  • Highly efficient voice, video and control links maintain a reliable connection between on-street Information and Emergency Call Stations and the Control Desk.
  • Information and Emergency Call Stations for public areas
  • Special Intercom stations for mobility, sight or hearing impaired people
  • Integration of CCTV (video surveillance) and Public Address
  • Options for both cable-based and wireless integration of Intercom stations
  • Bus and tram stop communications