Hinditron Business System

Hinditron Business System

The Hinditron Business System (HBS) is based on the framework that was first introduced by McKinsey in the early 1980’s. HBS maps each of the major functions of the company in a sequential order that reinforce the competitive advantage in the value proposition of Hinditron.

Success of Hinditron since the 1966 has been to introduce new technologies and provide exceptional service to our customers. The core values of Hinditron drive the Business System in today’s environment of continued change and increased competition.

HBS is the driving force that enables Hinditron to:

  • Adhere to its core values,
  • Create an integrated set of processes which allow the group to perform at the highest levels,
  • Execute plans in a systematic and timely manner,
  • Sustain growth,
  • Foster leadership,
  • Increase customer satisfaction, and, in turn,
  • Increase shareholder value

HBS has allowed Hinditron to create a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors over time.