Data Science & Engineering

Data Science & Engineering

With vast amounts of data across silos, companies are turning to our Data Science and Engineering services to help manage and make sense of their data. With our help they are able get deep insights into customers, sales, marketing, operations and manufacturing processes.

Collect & Organize > Analyze > Model > Operationalize

Real-time monitoring enables access to the most up-to-the-minute data available—and a new generation of tools are helping turn that data into deeper, more robust analytics than ever thought possible. Going beyond just data connectivity, the most valuable monitoring adds intelligence to help adjust, update and inform decision-makers and company-wide ecosystems.

Transform your data into actionable intelligence to generate tangible business value.

We work closely with organizations to develop informed strategies and road-maps, validate data workflows and pipelines, and extract insights into enterprise-level reporting and visualization. Our experts can help you formulate requirements, analyze  your existing technology stack, recommend and implement scalable future-proof solutions.

We bridge the gap between data and business value.

Data Science

  • Problem Definition
  • Data Preparation & Exploratory Analysis
  • Model Development, Training, Validation [ SparkML, TensorFlow, Scikit Learn, Keras ]
  • Machine Learning (ML)

Data Engineering

  • ETL [ Spark, Amazon Kenesis, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, Kafka ]
  • Data Pipelines [ Airflow, AWS Data Pipelines, Google Cloud Datarproc ]
  • Data Management [ SQL, NoSQL, EDW, Data Lakes ]
  • Self Service BI & Alerting [ Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, Highcharts, Plotly, Pentaho ]


❖ Recommendation Systems
❖ Auto Campaign Optimization
❖ Personalization & Customer Segmentation
❖ Real-time Monitoring & Anomaly Detection


❖ TimeSeries Modelling
❖ Sequence Mining
❖ Sensor Analytics
❖ Knowledge Representation
❖ Graph Modelling

Algorithms & Models

❖Boosted Trees ❖ ARIMA ❖Random Forest ❖LDA ❖Logistic Regression ❖ Apriori ❖Decision Trees ❖ FP-Growth ❖Markov Models ❖ Others

Use Cases


INDUSTRY: Sample Testing Integrator & OEM for Metals & Mining industry

REQUIREMENT: Client required an on-site system, capable of capturing real-time process and sample testing data from their SCADA, with alerting and historical timeline analysis.

SOLUTION: Developed a scalable big data system for real-time capturing and visualization of sample preparation & testing data.

BUSINESS IMPACT: (1) Provided a true and automated source of process data, (2) Real-time alerting allowed client to be proactively detect and address quality concerns without costly delays in the production pipeline.

TECHNOLOGY: (1) Spark & MySQL (2) Scala (3) ElasticSearch & ElastAlert (4) R & R-Shiny


INDUSTRY: Advertising Technology

REQUIREMENT: Client wanted to (1) identify and improve customer conversion rates and (2) optimize their bidding process to reduce over marketing spend.

SOLUTION: Provided client with (1) better understanding of their customer conversion factors, (2) Modeled behaviors, patterns and conversion goals and (3) provided bid pricing based on conversion probability.

BUSINESS IMPACT: Client experiences 30% improvement customer targeting and (2) decreased campaign spends by an average of 20%

TECHNOLOGY: (1) SparkML (2) Python & Jupyter Notebook (3) Logistic Regressions Algorithm


INDUSTRY: Consumer Good Manufacturer

REQUIREMENT: Client wanted to track the flow of materials across their manufacturing process for resource utilization and auditing purpose.

SOLUTION: Integrated scanned bar-code telemetry from the factory floor into a big data system to track and document the usage and movement of materials thru the manufacturing process.

BUSINESS IMPACT: (1) Implemented system provides complete traceability of parts used in the final product (2) Downstream integration with ERP system helped streamline purchasing and inventory management - reducing overall expenditure by 12%

TECHNOLOGY: (1) Python (2) MQTT (3) Hadoop (4) Cassandra (5) Thingsboard


INDUSTRY: Cement Manufacturing
REQUIREMENT: Client wanted ingestion of real-time data from their SCADA system for process monitoring and optimization.

SOLUTION: Developed a scalable big data system for capturing real-time process and quality data. The system provides outlier and anomaly detection.

BUSINESS IMPACT: (1) Automated collection of process data aided analysis for process improvements resulting in 8% lower costs due to optimization and efficient use of raw materials, (2) real-time alerting allowed client to be proactively optimize production processes.

TECHNOLOGY: (1) Python (2) Spark (3) Thingsboard (4) SQL Server, (5) Power BI

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