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DronaIOT is a managed IoT as a Service offering that combines our decades of experience in Industrial Automation along with the best open source IoT technologies and our implementation services. It is cloud hosted, scalable, and end-to-end secure; designed with small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in mind.

DronaIOT is targeted at enabling SMEs in manufacturing to pilot and launch their own IoT initiatives by enabling swift evaluation of their business use case in an affordable and practical way.
Start small, but think big.

Phases of IOT Maturity

DronaIOT will guide and accelerate your IOT journey as your organization matures and transforms to meet and beat competitive threats, improve products and services to delight your customers.

The Journey is easier when you have an experienced guide

Despite the fact that the Smart Factory philosophy has been promoted for years, most manufacturing companies (even the larger ones) are often only at the beginning of this transition. People, machines and processes are not yet connected. There has been a lot of talk around Smart Factory, but little has been done. The questions that companies are still asking and not able to get their arms around are:


How to make Smart Factory tangible?


How do you start a Smart Factory initiative?


What do you need and what does it yield?

"Driving innovation isn’t easy when you’re also running an organisation day-to-day. However, these two goals must come together – that starts at the top and has to include the entire enterprise."

HINDITRON has been a trusted partner to businesses small and large, since 1966. We have decades of experience in industrial automation, real time systems and have helped numerous organizations make the leap. We will help you get started in a measured, manageable and affordable manner, so you can gather the information you need, prove the business case, and scale the right IOT solutions across your business.

Start with our Rapid Proof of Value (PoV) package, a simple pay-as-you-grow package - an affordable and practical way to gain traction with a platform designed to grow with your needs. Our Rapid PoV package makes IOT so simple and affordable, that the only thing you need is a good use case! It’s simply the best entry level offering that you will find.

Use Cases

DronaIoT supports all commonly found uses case for Smart Factory / Smart Industry initiatives

  • Asset Monitoring & Management – Status / Usage / Location
  • Real-time Condition Monitoring – Health and Performance metrics
  • Anomaly Detection – Outliers in Operational and Production data
  • Predictive Maintenance and more.

Getting Started with the DronaIoT - Rapid PoV Package

DronaIoT can get you up and running in a matter of weeks instead of months.

In today's manufacturing environment, taking automation to the next level is no longer an option, but a necessity. Smart factories are more productive and are able to reduce operational costs and risks. Other advantages of a smart factory include recording knowledge, preventing errors and downtime, guaranteeing a consistently high quality product and realizing shorter delivery times – all good reasons to optimize production processes.

How does the Rapid PoV work?

Keep the PoV short, simple and tangible; hence it’s designed to be completed in 2-4 weeks. Follow through the simple 3-step process to go from factory data to real time monitoring dashboards.

"Our Rapid PoV package makes IoT so simple and affordable, that the only thing you need is a good use case! It’s simply the most practical way to get started."


PoV Consultation

Design Thinking around the use case, ROI and your current factory setup.


Solution Implementation

Setup and Configuration to acquire and transmit telemetry from the factory to the cloud


PoV Activation

Access to secure and private Web Dashboards, with real time updates from your factory floor.

What does the Rapid PoV package include?

  • PoV business use case consultation
  • Setup & Configuration of our Factory Gateway to acquire and transmit data.
  • Support for implementing 1 protocol connector ( ie, MQTT, OPC-UA, ModBus, etc.. )
  • Monitoring for 10 machines with 5 data points each ( 4 updates/min max per data point )
  • A private and secure web dashboard for your company with the status per machine and the option to zoom through to an underlying dashboard with all available values of the machine.

SME readiness checklist

  • Have your business case with expected ROI ready for discussion
  • Internet access on the factory floor ( either wired / wifi )
  • Factory machines are networked and are OPC UA capable (please inquire about other supported protocols).
  • Have an engineering resource from your factory ( remote hands ) that can work with us for establishing remote connectivity and installation of the factory gateway.
  • Ability to install our IoT Factory Gateway on your factory network ( using an existing PC or purchased device ). This device will need access to the internet as well.

DronaIOT will get you running in weeks, not months. Start with our Rapid Proof of Value (PoV) package, a simple pay-as-you-grow package - an affordable and practical way to gain traction with a platform designed to grow with your needs. It is easy-to-use and doesn’t require programming knowledge to get started; it allows you to stay focused on addressing your business challenges.

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