High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

Hinditron offers a whole spectrum of computing solutions for Scientific and Engineering applications – from low-end servers, through mid range to the very high-end supercomputers. Hinditron has enjoyed continuous growth in these segments since inception, bringing solutions from world class companies, always remaining true to its vision and mission, focusing on its core competencies, while responding to changing market conditions and customer's needs.

To achieve these goals, Hinditron has developed and nurtured strategic alliances with a few selected key technology suppliers and has strived to build and enhance these relationships over the years. The partners are chosen in a manner that these alliances enable Hinditron to remain at the forefront in innovations and deliver cutting edge solutions to the market place. This combined with technical excellence of its professional team, an enduring commitment to customer service and satisfaction, a long term approach and swift reaction to changing market needs remain the hallmark of Hinditron's core philosophy.

Alliances and product range:

  • Cray Inc. : A global technology leader and a name synonymous with High Performance and Supercomputing, Cray provides innovative and highly differentiated platforms – from standards based entry level and mid range HPC systems to Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) systems capable of scaling to multiple Petaflops of sustained application performance.
  • Boston Ltd. : With over 18 years of expertise and experience in providing high performance servers and workstations – conventional CPU based as well as the fast emerging GPU based- Boston Ltd offers world class products through its technology alliance and marketing partnership with the highly renowned Supermicro and NVidia. Boston India Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Boston Ltd, UK, has local manufacturing facilities.
  • NVidia : A world leader in Graphics processing, NVidia's expertise in programmable GPUs has led to breakthroughs in parallel processing which makes Supercomputing inexpensive and widely accessible. CUDA, NVidia's parallel processing architecture, is increasingly being used by the scientific, education and other communities.
  • Bright Computing : Bright Computing makes software for managing groups of computer servers and associated equipment. Examples include: Clusters for High Performance Computing (HPC), Private, hybrid and public clouds, Grids of HPC clusters and Data centers.

Through its partnerships with these companies, Hinditron is in an excellent position to offer an entire gamut of computing and storage solutions to the scientific and engineering community. With offices in all major cities in India, staffed by experienced and highly skilled marketing and technical/application support professionals, Hinditron can offer a range of services to supplement the product offerings.