Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Hinditron provides the state-of-the-art analytical instrument technologies in India since 1980’s. These technologies have benefitted production industry in core sectors & scientific research institutes alike in India.

Extending on this success & expertise our Science & Technology Division is currently focused on production process improvements by automation of process analytics specifically for Iron & Steel, Cement, Aluminium & Coal, Minerals, Mining and Power.

We take pride in our collaboration with companies across the globe, which are well-recognized global experts in providing equipment & integrated solutions for these industries.

Solutions include:

  • Sample Preparation equipment for spectroscopic analysis for analysis of metals, minerals and cement samples with X-Ray and OES technology
  • A complete range of Carbon Lab test equipment to ISO methods in aluminium smelters, for raw materials (Green coke, Calcined coke pitch, anode butts) and products (Anodes & Cathodes)
  • Technical expertise & in-house research lab facilities at R & D Carbon
  • Calibration standards and technical consultancy, services & trainings for process improvisation in anode manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art mathematical modelling tools & proven technical know-how
  • World-Class, quality tested anodes & other raw materials.
  • Software solutions for plant lab data communication & overall quality management for complete plant audit optimization & necessary customer support