Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation

Hinditron provides, through its partnership with KNAPP AG, industry leading all-in-one intralogistics solutions and automated warehouse systems.

KNAPP AG operates internationally in the field of warehouse automation and warehouse logistics software and is a world market leader among suppliers of all-in-one intralogistic solutions and automated warehouse systems. Together with a strong network of subsidiaries and sales partners KNAPP delivers all-in-one customized intralogistic solutions worldwide and supports customers around the globe.

KNAPP has continuously built up expertise and know-how in these business areas, and applies this to create added value and investment security for its customers. KNAPP is offering solution concepts that include – zero defect warehouse, low complexity warehouse, multi-channel warehouse and smart warehouse – which all address the current demands of the core industries and are able to flexibly move and grow with them.

The core industries solutions include -Retail, E-Commerce, Pharmaceuticals, Fashion, Food Retail and Automotive.

KNAPP AG has many esteemed customer referencers across the globe such as John Lewis (Retail), Boots (Retail), AVON (Cosmetics), Hugo Boss (Fashion), SPAR (Food), Wurth(Automotive) and PHOENIX (pharmacueticals), Jing Dong (E-commerce) and ALOG-Tmall (E-commerce).

Industry leading solutions include –

KiSoft - leading warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system(WCS) software that offers seamless integration of all warehouse processes from goods-in to goods-out.

OSR Shuttle™- The OSR Shuttle™ is a high-performance and reliable semi-automatic picking and storage system that forms the heart of a modern warehouse with its tremendous versatility.

Open Shuttle - With the Open Shuttles, KNAPP has developed the next generation of automated guided vehicles. Open Shuttles are free-moving robots used for transport throughout the warehouse as well as for supplying workstations.

Pick-it-Easy - The workstations of the Pick-it-Easy series focus on the human being as a whole. The work stations are built according to the goods-to-person principle – the goods are always presented to personnel in ideal reach.

Autopicker SDA-2000 - The Autopicker SDA-2000 is a fully automatic high-volume picking system. Articles are filled manually into the magazines, from where they are then automatically separated, collected and deposited in the order container.

KNAPP Store –The KNAPP-Store is the ideal complement to the proven autopicker portfolio and secures the decisive competitive advantage with low storage location costs, fast reaction times and high delivery quality.

Streamlineconveyor systems - Streamline series is the newest generation of conveyor systems that is distinguished through its performance, versatility, economy, availability, ease of maintenance and efficiency.

System Support 360 + – extensive range of innovative customer support services for optimal availability and high-capacity performance.

With more than 1,600 installations worldwide customers across the globe rely on the experience and innovative power of KNAPP for their warehouse automation needs. Read more on the KNAPP warehouse automation solutions.