Automotive & Pharmaceuticals

Automotive & Pharmaceuticals

Hinditron provides, through its partnership with KNAPP AG, industry leading all-in-one intralogistics solutions and automated warehouse systems.

KNAPP AG operates internationally in the field of warehouse automation and warehouse logistics software and is a world market leader among suppliers of all-in-one intralogistic solutions and automated warehouse systems. Together with a strong network of subsidiaries and sales partners KNAPP delivers all-in-one customized intralogistic solutions worldwide and supports customers around the globe.

The core industries of the company include -

  • Automotive
    • The intelligent KNAPP solutions unite efficiency, design and flexibility, paving the way for smooth transition throughout all warehouse areas, perfect harmony between system components and a smooth and efficient flow of goods, ensuring same & next day delivery. Storage, transport and order picking are optimized and ensure gentle product handling.
    • Esteemed references customers include - Wurth, VW, SAAB, ENGEL, Grene and Weisser
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • The intelligent KNAPP solutions for efficient order processing. A system designed for high throughput that can easily balance order peaks with lot identification, lot tracking, serial number tracking and 100% checks. Solutions that adapt perfectly to suit your demands: flexible, safe and future-oriented.
    • Esteemed references customers include - Boots, Alcon, Pfizer, PHOENIX, Bausch & Lomb and ProServ

With more than 1,600 installations worldwide customers across the globe rely on the experience and innovative power of KNAPP for their warehouse automation needs. Read more on the KNAPP warehouse automation solutions.